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Sales Tax Rates
State Tax Rate Local Jurisdiction Tax Tax Rates Look Up
Alabama 4% Yes Tax Rates
Alaska 0% Yes  
Arizona 5.6% Yes AzTaxes
Arkansas 6.5% Yes DFA
California 7.25% Yes GIS
Colorado 2.9% Yes GIS
Connecticut 6.35% None  
Delaware 0% None  
District of Columbia 6.00% None  
Florida 6% Yes

Tax And Address Lookup

Hawaii 4% Yes  
Idaho 6% Yes  
Illinois 6.25% Yes

Tax Rate Finder

Georgia 4% Yes Tax Rate Chart
Indiana 7% None  
Iowa 6% Yes Tax Mapper
Kansas 6.5% Yes Tax Rate Locator
Kentucky 6% None  
Louisiana 4.45% Yes  
Maine 5.5% None  
Maryland 6% None  
Massachusetts 6.25% None  
Michigan 6% Yes  
Minnesota 6.875% Yes Tax Rate Calculator
Mississippi 7% Yes  
Missouri 4.225% Yes Tax Table
Montana 0% None  
Nebraska 5.5% Yes Sales Tax Rate Finder
Nevada 4.60% Yes  
New Hampshire 0% None  
New Jersey 6.625% None  
New Mexico

Varies throughout the state from 5.125%  to 8.8675% depending on the location of the business.

Yes Tax Rate Map
New York 4% Yes Rate Lookup
North Carolina 4.75% Yes Local Tax By Location 
North Dakota 5% Yes Local Taxes By Location 
Ohio 5.75% Yes The Finder
Oklahoma 4.5% Yes Tax Rate 
Oregon 0% None  
Pennsylvania 6% Yes


Puerto Rico 11.5% None  
Rhode Island 7% None  
South Carolina 6% Yes Tax Rates
South Dakota 4.5% Yes Sales Tax Rate By Address
Tennessee 7% Yes Tax Rate Database
Texas 6.25% Yes Tax Rate
Utah 4.85% Yes Taxpayer Access Point
Vermont 6% Yes  
Virginia 5.3% Yes Sales Tax Rate and Locality Code Lookup
Washington 6.5% Yes Tax Rate Lookup
West Virginia 6% Yes Municipal Sales and Use Tax
Wisconsin 5% Yes Rate Look-up
Wyoming 4% Yes Rate By Locality

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