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What is SutTax Determination?

SutTax Determination is a platform that enables businesses to include sale tax calculations from within their invoice orders and offers real-time sales tax computation.

Using SutTax Determination is simple, just:

  • Install the SutTax Determination online service application or plug-in.
  • With the code we give you, create an account.
  • Create states, mappings for different product types, and exemptions.
  • Make a sales invoice to test.

Key Features

Tax Calculation in Real Time: SutTax Determination provides real-time identification and sales tax computation for transactions across all states, including, local, city and county jurisdictions. Through the use of a downloadable plug-in or web service application, our system connects seamlessly to your ERP, financial, or invoicing system. Users can always estimate sales tax using our automated system before saving an invoice.

Automated Tax Returns: You can automate the entire tax filing process with SutTax Determination, cutting costs for IT software and tax accounting, and generating signature-ready returns for all of you sales tax transactions.

Accurate Reporting: Instead of you having to keep up with the most recent sales tax rules and rates, the SutTax Determination extension does it for you. The tax amount is updated automatically whenever tan invoice is modified. In addition to giving information on tax calculation errors, or technology also promotes transparency by identifying the data sources used in calculations and providing details on those sources.

All Major U.S. Jurisdictions are Supported: The reporting of sales tax for all major local, county, state, and federal U.S. jurisdictions is fully supported by SutTax Determination.

Security: Avior permits the use of SSL to safeguard data while it is being transmitted.

Support: Any issue you may have regarding sales tax can be answered by our team of knowledgable technical experts and customer service representatives. We’ll work hard to find a solution to any problem that occurs as soon as possible.

How It Works

After installing and configuring the plug-in or web service application, you only need to create your account using the code we provide you with and configure it to meet your needs. A merchant does not need to take any further steps in order to apply sales taxes to orders.

Read the FAQs and our SutTax Determination blog to learn more.

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