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Q: What is SutTax Determination?

Using cloud-based computing, the tax platform SutTax calculates sales taxes for all states. Its objective is to simplify the taxation of sales for taxpayers.

Q: What can I do with SutTax Determination?

SutTax Determination can be used to add sales tax on sales orders. When taxes are calculated, they are automatically included in the tax invoices.

Q: Is there software to install ?

Yes. You must download the plug-in or extension that is appropriate for you system in order for it to communicate with SutTax’s engine. 

Q: Does SutTax Determination work with my invoicing system?

SutTax Determination’s web service integrates with virtually all back office billing software, ERPs, e-commerce platforms, and banking systems. For you ERP to communicate with the SutTax engine, you must download our plug-in or extension. 

Q: How can I get started with SutTax Determination?

Get in touch with us to sign up for SutTax Determination.

Q: Can I try it for free ?

Yes, we offer 3 months free trial for sales tax determination.



Q: How long before start using production server?

To make sure the e-commerce extension or plug-in is compatible with your ERP, testing is required. Depending on whether a plug-in for your system is available, this process normally takes 1-6 weeks. If there isn’t already an appropriate plug-in, we’ll work with a developer to make one. 

Q: Should I use “US” or “USA” to the end of each address in my invoicing system?


Q: Should I use the +4 zip code extension??

Yes, always try to use +zip zip for accuracy. 

Q: Should I use punctuation?  For example, ‘Blvd.’ or ‘Blvd’?

No, but if used our system will try to correct it 

Q: Should I use 1 space or 2 spaces between the state and the zip code?

1 space, usually state and zip code can be set in two different places in seller system. 

Q: What rate does SutTax use if it doesn’t recognize the address or if the address is in the wrong format?

Depends on the state, system will try to match street, zip+4, then zip, or error. 

Q: Address verification link?

Zip code lookup 

Q: Is it possible to expand the sales tax rate that the Avior solution uses to three decimal places?

The system does use tax rate with 4 decimal digits, your extension is doing the rounding and we are fixing that in next extension release.
Q: How does the system handle words that are spelled wrong…like the name of a street or the name of city?

The system will try to standardize the street or city names based on USPS database. In the case of spelled wrong words, the system tries to match street, zip+4, then zip, or the extension gives error if it can't match in database.
Q: This works for us at the transaction level, now how to make it work at the reporting level. Is there a way to get reports out of the Avior system that will break down the sales tax by city, county, and state?

2 options to get your transaction details:
1. You can use the extension to get the data, the break down is in the current extension debug trace. Future extension release will dump data to separate CSV file.
2. You can get the transactions history in CSV file from the tax engine.

3 options for filing and payment:
1. File it with state yourself and remit payment.
2. Upload the transactions csv file to Avior SutTax-C and the system files it with the state, and can include payment.
3. SutTax automated filing, the system can file sales tax return automatically at month end from history transactions, and can include payment.
Note, options 2 & 3, this limited to states accepting automated filing.



Q: How will I be charged and billed for my use of SutTax Determination?

How many transactions you complete per month will determine SutTax Determination’s subscription fee. An invoice line item is regarded as a transaction. 


For any other questions regarding sales tax, please contact us.



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