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Product Details

SuTax Compliance Functionality

SuTax Compliance presents an automated SaaS sales excise tax platform, allowing you to produce accurate paper/e-file sales tax returns to file with all your U.S. taxing jurisdictions, integrates with your existing invoicing system, and requires no changes to your workflow process.

To use SuTax Compliance, you simply:

  • Select which tax returns you want to process through SuTax automation platform.
  • Collect sales tax licenses into your tax calendar.
  • Contact our onboarding team to get you setup.


SuTax Compliance provides a number of powerful features for streamlining sales excise tax preparation, filing, and payments.

Data Collection

SuTax Compliance integrates with your invoicing system in several ways. If you can pull your data from your system then SuTax works with your system.

Tax Returns

SuTax Compliance engine takes new data, curate it, validate it, auto-correct it, and produces the tax returns in PDF, CSV, EDI, and XML format.

Availability and Durability

The automated system of SuTax Compliance enables users to run their input data at any time to produce all tax returns in minutes. Once reviewed the output, they can fix any issues with their data and initiate next run.


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How It Works

If you accurately keeping your invoicing database system, our on-boarding team will help you find the best way to get your data from your system to our cloud engine. There are several ways depending on your invoicing system (ERP) and your transactions volume. SuTax Compliance accepts data files through portal upload, sFTP, or secure web services.

Once your data is received by SuTax engine, processing starts immediately. First the SuTax Compliance system validates the data, curate it, and procedures and submits accurate reports to your filing jurisdictions. Email notifications are sent at the end of each processing cycle to keep you updated on the progress and when exactly your data was submitted to the receiving system successfully.

How It Works

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Read FAQs and SuTax blog to learn more.

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