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Sales and Use Tax Archiving

Avior Sales Tax Archiving

Archive your sales transaction's data in a secure cloud server for easy access.

Sales Tax Archiving

Have all your tax information and transactions backed up and secured. Avior SutTax Archiving will back up historical tax processing data and allow you to take control of your tax information. Increase efficiency and make auditing easier on your business by knowing where your data is held and ensuring it’s accurately accounted for. SutTax Archiving complies with data retention requirements and is available on-demand for any query or processing reasons.


SutTax Archiving stores massive amounts of data produces when preparing tax returns. You can easily and immediately access all of your historical tax data which makes tax audits easy. With SutTax archiving, set your own archiving specifications and rules to improve system performance. You can view, report, purge, and recover archived data with ease and assurance that it’s all accurate.

Key Features

  1. Encrypts, compresses, and archive tax data files for security and simplification.
  2. Restores tax data with ease via on-demand query
  3. Provides reports of archived data files for your convenience
  4. Customizable and user-determined data archiving rules


By using SutTax Archiving, users can:
  1. Increase processing system performance by decluttering tax data
  2. Save money by removing the need for IT system availability
  3. Ensure security and ensure retention requirements are met
  4. Provide up-front information and support to the tax auditing process