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TN Expands Monthly Resale Report

Starting with October 2015 Resale Report, TN Department of Revenue requires the wholesaler resale report to include all sales to retailers. Currently the report includes only tobacco and alcohol sales, with next month report due on November 25th all sales to retailers must be included. Items categories that must be reported includes Alternative Snacks, Fluid Milk, Other Dairy and Deli, Automotive Products, Frozen Dispensed Beverages, Packaged Beverages, Beer, Frozen Foods, Packaged Bread, Candy, Health and Beauty Care, Packaged Sweet Snacks, Cigarettes and Other Tobacco, Hot Dispensed Beverages, Perishable Grocery, Cold Dispensed Beverages, Ice Cream/Novelties, Publications, Commissary and Other Packaged Products, Foodservice Prepared On-site, Salty Snacks, Edible Grocery, Non-edible Grocery.

The monthly report also requires the retailers’ sales tax account number. 


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