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Avior Sales Tax

Ensure sales tax compliance, reduce your costs, and improve accuracy with SutTax – an automated tax software platform by Avior.

Sales Tax Software and Services

SutTax offers sales tax determination and tax returns generation software for all U.S. tax jurisdictions. SutTax products minimize costs, mitigate risks, improve filing accuracy, and maximize efficiency for all of your tax needs. Our automated, cloud-based products make computing, reporting, and collecting sales taxes for US jurisdictions easy. Tax season doesn’t have to be stressful, especially when your taxes are done quickly, accurately, and automatically. That’s why small and large companies alike trust Avior with their compliance needs. SutTax products have the accuracy you need and the ease you desire.

SutTax Compliance

An all-encompassing compliance software, SutTax Compliance produces ready-to-sign tax return documents for retailers and other kinds of filers. Our product improves filing accuracy, which means less risk to your business. SutTax Compliance is a cloud-based Saas offered through Avior that includes everything from form changes for all local, county, and state jurisdictions in the U.S. to automatic updates of tax rules that you don’t have time to keep track of. The complex process of filling taxes for your business is now made easy, and most importantly, it’s accurate.

SutTax Determination

SutTax Determination makes tax identification and computation of sales taxes a simple, seamless process. It even works hand in hand with your back-office system to calculate sales tax for all U.S. major jurisdictions. SutTax web service helps enhance the operation of your e-commerce marketplace by automatically adding sales tax to your customer’s checkout carts. Your tax identification and computation of sales tax are automated with SutTax making your job a little easier.

SutTax Archiving

Never miss a beat again! SutTax Archiving will store all of your historical tax data to make sure your tax examiner process is smooth and productive. By enabling an on-demand query, SutTax Archiving enhances system performance and meet all storage requirements.

Make Sales Taxes Simple, Focus On Your Core Business